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“Creativity is intelligence having fun

The Commitment to Quality, Dedication to Service and the pursuit of total Customer Satisfaction only begin to describe our team of passionate Print Professionals.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

The Commitment to Quality, Dedication to Service and the pursuit of total Customer Satisfaction only begin to describe our team of passionate Print Professionals.

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What we do

Arnold & Wessels offers a comprehensive range of Corporate and Safety Clothing, Corporate gifts, Printed Products and Graphic Design Services to the Southern African Region. Ranging from Lithographic and Digital print, Wide format, Signage, Corporate Gifts & Clothing to Stationery, the Africa Print Co. can cater to any and all design and printing requirements.


Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the first and most critical step in any product development. Formally qualified designers will guide customers through this initial phase in any print, branding or marketing project.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” 

Brand Identity

Arnold & Wessels will assist both established and startup businesses in developing and expanding their Corporate Identity. From Corporate Logo design to advanced projects, our team of professionals will be at your beck and call to bring your ideas to life.

Production Processes

Lithographic Printing for large volume requirements, Digital printing for both short run and print on demand work, large format for Signage, Display Graphics or Vehicle branding. Laser cutting & Engraving, CNC Router for Signage and Interior decorating requirements. 

Corporate Clothing & Gifts

Looking the part is an extremely important facet of the interaction with existing and potential clients. The full range of branded Corporate Clothing in South Africa is available through The African Corporate Print Co.  Nothing says “I appreciate your support” more than a thoughtful and well chosen Corporate Gift.

Web Design

A skillfully designed Web site is imperative in the quest to convey the true soul of a hard worked for Corporate Identity. Our team of graphic designers will seamlessly apply designs made for print to the digital window to your Company. Africa Print provides a one stop Design, Print & Web Hosting destination. 


Professional Photography and Videography have become more and more important in a era where social media demands high quality photos and videos. Nothing conveys a message better than a professionally produced video and photographs on products and services.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Problems

With roots in the Printing Industry since 1988 together with Business and Auditing expertise the folks at the helm of The Africa Print Co. will provide a treasure trove of new ideas while enhancing existing printing, branding and marketing strategies.

Square meters production area

Days a Year of dedication to Perfection

Digital Production Presses

Lithographic Printing Presses

Why we are different

We spend as much time on how a product will enrich your customer’s experience as on the design itself.

Like personal health, the health of any business needs to looked at holistically. Nothing conveys the vibrancy (or lack thereof) of any business better than the printed products it disseminates or displays to represent itself.  Arnold & Wessels does not look at any single product or display in isolation, but as an intricate part of the larger picture. No knee jerk solutions will be offered. Arnold & Wessels collaborates with other professionals in our field to ensure no product or service required is out of our reach to provide.

Our Skills & passion

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do”

Passion, skill and dedication – these are the critical building blocks for any successful endeavour

Customer Experience is our top priority. To us, positive feedback from happy clients is as important as the cheque. Only through our expanding network of satisfied customers can our Brand be built. 

Pride in our product and service is the foundation for growth. Positive client feedback is the fuel for our dedicated workforce.

Pride in our Country drives us to help build a better life for all.


  • Graphic Design – 99.9%
  • print quality – 99.9%
  • Commitment to deadlines – 100%
  • PASSION – 100%

From Our Clients

Positive feedback from happy clients fuels our passion and dedication, but also provides security for the prospective buyer.

Attention to detail is outstanding and they keep exceeding our expectations. I can highly recommend this Company 

Andrea Rieckert

Marketing & Sales, Koshcom Herotel

This Company delivers on its promises. They have never missed a deadline and will always walk the extra mile.  

Daleen Siphiwe Jantjies

Tlokwe Local Municipality

Solid team that provides top quality products and services – even when put under pressure.

Jonathan Baron - GR/SA

Partner , BKD Auditors Potchefstroom

I cannot risk compromising our Corporate Identity and therefore use Chris and his team on a regular basis. 

Liani Myburgh

Optometrist, Execuspecs, Mimosa Mall

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